Waking up to Wall-E

I fought against getting leg braces for over ten years.

It didn’t help that when the doctor told me I should have them, I pictured the big metal contraptions Forrest Gump wore and thought “No Way!”
But last year I gave in. I knew we were going to try to go to Disney World in the summer and I knew I couldn’t go when my legs would wear out after walking five/ten minutes.
They are AMAZING.
Why didn’t I put my pride in check and get them ten years ago? I’ve been wearing them for a year and I never leave the house without them.
Yesterday I thought I’d be a trail blazer and go to Sam’s Club without them – silly girl! By the time I got to the back of the store I thought I was going to have to crawl back to the register, my legs were that tired. Thankfully I made it back to my car, but it was excruciating. And I learned my lesson.
I was talking to a friend a week ago. She was telling me about her friend who also had Charcot Marie Tooth disease and said that her friend refused to get braces. I wish I could talk to her friend. I could probably walk for miles without my legs getting tired and I LOVE IT. I feel like my braces have given me brand new legs.
And of course, it helps when I wake up in the morning to find little “surprises” in them from my five-year-old. 🙂
YAY for my legs!